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Babko Agency was founded by Ihor Babko on June 11, 2019, in Kyiv, Ukraine as an outstaff agency specializing in project management. However, it quickly grew into an agency specializing in business processes standardization and optimization.

Eventually, Babko Agency started helping clients automate workflow with no-code and low-code tools such as and Zapier.

From that point onwards, its goal is to create ecosystems for digital teams where data seamlessly flows from one tool to another and workflow is as smooth and efficient as possible. Simultaneously, providing clients with ongoing support and project management in the systems built.

Company Story

Our Values


Every time we perform an action, we strive to do it a little better than before.

We value our reputation the most and do everything we can to build and protect it.

Constant improvement

Clients are the core of our business. Every relationship we nurture provides excellent quality work and flawless experience. We strive to give wow-effect!​

Clients first

We build relationships based on trust and respect. Therefore we strive to report, monitor, give feedback, and share as much as possible transparently.

Ihor Babko

CEO and founder
Workflow Automation Expert

Dmytro Semanchak

Anfisa Makedon

Business Processes Expert

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